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Agricultural Land/Farm Land
Chikballapu    thondebavi

Dear Friends

A Farmer,from Thondebavi (88 KMS from Bangalore) is farming in his 26 Acres land since 20 years. He has done his hard and satisfactory effort in his farm land. In these 20 years, he has brought all facilities to do happy and sustainable farming right from solar fencing to farm sheds, trees(Mango, Sapota, Teak, Coconut trees),tractors, tillers, water resources and much more. He started dairy farming as well with shed and Delavel milking machine.

But now on his personal reasons, he has decided to sell his satisfactory farmland unwillingly. He wanted the buyers who can buy and continue the well built farming in his land. Property is of 36 Acres with 25.5 Acres on paper. Property documents are very clear and farmland is very much suitable for any individual to start immediately agriculture and dairy farming. Farmer is looking at 15 Lakhs per Acre. 

Following are the details of agriculture land.
1) Land on Paper for Registration:25.5 ACRES
2) Available Land in Boundary:36 ACRES
3) Fencing:Full Land fenced with SOLAR FENCING
4) Water Resource:5 Borewells with 3 Serviced Borewells
5) Drip Irrigation:15 Acres Drip Irrigated
6) Mud Pond:2 Mud ponds
7) Electricity:60 KVA Transformer,25 KVA Transformer,7 KVA - AGRA DIESEL GENSET
8) Water Pump:5 HP Diesel Water Pump & 1.5 HP Kerozin Water Pump
9) Trees
      Mango Tree - 7 Years Old - 600 Approximately
      Sapota Tree - 7 Years Old - 600 Approximately
      Teak Tree - 15 Years Old - 500
      Coconut Tree - 80 Approximately
10) Agri Machines:
       New Holland Tractor - 45 HP
       Triller - 18 HP
       Electric Pulveriser - 10 HP
       Electric Chafcutter - 10 HP 
       Diesel Chafcutter - 18 HP
     1 Shed - 26 X 25
      Servant Room - 10 X 10 - 3 Rooms
12)Dairy Farming Setup:
      Shed to hold 75 Cows
      Delavel Milking Machine
PRICE of land is 15 LAKHS / ACRE. 
Land is flexible for a single buyer (25.5 Acre Registration) or multiple buyer (2-5 acres per individual)

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